Tech Driven Small Business Marketing From End to End

With a digital focus we see the world through the lens of a content marketing plan and a relentless drive for customer attraction.

Our end to end strategy compiles into a philosophy designed for small business marketing.

Why Small Business Marketing?

We love starting things, but no one can start things forever. We designed the methodology that guides our practice to help startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed with their things.

Innovative startups and small businesses are the drivers of economic and job growth in America. These businesses owners often face extraordinary obstacles to be one of the 50% of businesses that survive for more than five years. With a slight activist cut to our jib, we know that strong brand design with a content marketing plan compiled into an inbound marketing strategy will differentiate your business. 


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A Small Business is:

a business with less than 500 employees, according
to the official definition. We certainly don't agree with
that, but don't put a hard cap on who we will or won't
work with. About half of our customers are businesses
with fewer than five employees and under three years old.

Inbound Marketing is:

a strategy to attract customers to a business through
familiarity with its businesses brand. In other words,
get those who would be potential customers to know,
like and trust you so when they are ready to buy, they
come to you.

End to End Marketing is:

how we describe the scope of our methodology and how
it applies to our customer's business. We start at crafting
the story of a business and defining how to tell it and
conclude at selection and implementation of the tools
required at all level of the business. See below for more details.

End to End Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Design

    Telling the story of who you are, what you do, how you do it in a way that differentiates you from the competition

  • Establishing Customer Pathways

    Building the pathways to your target customers that your content will travel

  • Design & Production

    The images, illustration, video and animation that visually enhance the story of you

  • Enabling Attraction Powers

    Implementing the content marketing plan design to pull interest to your business from your targeted market

  • Digital Home Building

    The foundation of everything in your digital world is your website. It is the only place in the digital world where you have complete control. You.com

  • Tech Stacking

    Selection & implementation of tools and designing the processes to execute delivery

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A Strong Layer of Technology Behind Everything We Do

Software plays a huge role at all levels of business today. Few aspects of your business will require more tech than your digital marketing efforts. We use a ton of software tools in our business and are constantly evaluating the newest innovation. Technology solves nothing on its own, but the right tech stack can enhance productivity and your ability to deliver for your customers.

Our product evaluation includes the typical questions of quality, the problem the solution addresses, ease of use and value. Before making a recommendation to a startup or small business we apply what we call the "ABP" test. Software must Always BPractical in operation, application and implementation for the business seeking a solution. No tool or software is right for every business. In the final stage of our end to end process we work with you to d research, suggest and implement solutions into your current business process.

Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing is used to pull prospects toward you but must offer value to your audience.
The amount of work this takes is not palatable to a small business owner. We understand you
have a business to run. You may also be thinking that writing is not your profession (unless it
is...)and this isn't what you see as the best use of your time. You are correct.

Some type of content marketing is valuable for any business. For some, more content makes
more sense than others. Content can also come in many various forms and attract using
various methods. We won't be able to input the expertise you have in your business, but we
can do the time consuming work needed to be the author of your content while acting as editor.

Content marketing is more effective in some industries than others. Good content is at least
one of the following: engaging, informative or entertaining. There is always a hook.

  • Blog

  • E-Book

  • Video

  • SEO

  • Social Meda

  • Content Curation

  • eMail Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

  • Push Notification

NOT a consulting firm

Aspiring consultants are taught the difference in being a consultant is monetizing your knowledge, not your time. Our team is often consultative, but we pride ourselves on production. We like to work. Startups and small businesses at the stage where our services thrive need to get stuff done. We are get stuff done type of people.


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