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  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Refers to optimizing your internet presence so your website appears in search engines (Google) as high as possible

Local Search Results

  • Search traffic on search engines or elsewhere on the internet by users looking for a physical location
  • Not applicable to businesses that are only online
  • If you have a physical location where you sell to or meet with clients this applies to your business.

Business Listings & Citations

  • Your business being listed on “Internet yellow pages” (IYP) sites. Think Yp.com, for example.
  • Google uses the word citations because they are looking to your business listings for consistency, hoping to find the same NAP (Name, Address, Phone) across all your listings.
  • Google sees consistency as legitimacy, inconsistency as illegitimacy.

Reputation Management

  • Sites where customers leave reviews define your reputation as Google sees it
  • Google also looks for reviews as evidence your business is active

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Please Note: This is not intended to be an thorough description
There are massive industries.  There are books, courses and more available on these topics.
This is intended for the business owner who has 9,000 other things to do today and needs a snapshot

SEO and search ranking is a big deal. This is traffic to your website or other online entities that came to your website “organically.” This means they didn’t arrive by clicking and advertisement or some other mechanism you paid for.

When a user doesn’t know of your business but finds it because they were searching for a product or service you provide, they are often a buying customer. What you do to pull them to being a customer once they find  your website is also very important, but not applicable to this section.

KEY POINT: Google keeps its exact algorithm for ranking sites a closely held secret. However, the subject is one of the most studied in all of internet technology. Moz.com conducted a large survey of SEO experts across the world and released the data in early 2016. Based on the responses in this survey, it is estimated that more than 25% of your search ranking is determined by your business listings, customer reviews and social media presence. 

This is why your internet presence is so important to the success of your business online. If you aren’t taking all three of these topics very seriously, you are starting the fight from behind..

Business Listings Management

Also known as Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) or business directories, we currently list your business accurately on some  300 high value sites and monitor them for accuracy on an ongoing basis. Unlike the old paper phone book yellow pages, these listings don’t only benefit you when someone accesses them. Accurate business listings in a wide variety of high value locations also help boost your placement with search engines like Google.

Reputation Management

Customer reviews can be an important boost or a brutal detriment both new customers discovering your business and your online presence. Managing positive reviews and effective triage of negative reviews is an important part of effective reputation management. Thanks to the wonders of internet software, Rising Arc has a number of ways to manage your reputation or equip you with tools to manage it yourself.

Social Networking

The third piece of the presence pie is social networking activity. Many of the  principles of business listings and online reputation are carried into social networking  sites. The number of social networks you take part in is less important than high quality activity and engagement on those networks you do appear on. Social is less of a volume game and more about engagement. After all, it is called social networking. Be social.

Reputation Management

Monitor your customer reviews in real time, leverage positive reviews and enabling rapid response to negative reviews
  • Easy to use do it yourself software for managing customer reviews
  •  Insight and response capabilities integrated with up to 80 high traffic review sites
  • Monitor for  missing data and where data might be wrong
  • Track your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare check-ins. When people like, retweet, or comment, you will see it.
  • Get notified by email for every new review or mention

Business Listing Management

Fully managed and monitored business listings to 300 listings sites and more
  • One full year of of business listing management
  •  Correction of any inaccurate listings
  • Consistent monitoring of all listings for inappropriate changes
  • Completely done for you service
  • Important factor in your search engine ranking for local search
  • Not available for purely online businesses (must have physical location

If you would like to see the many other factors that contribute to your search ranking, request our free SEO Audit Report for your site!

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