Content Marketing Platform For Small Business

Equalizer: A Content Marketing Platform for Small Business

Content marketing is the most important change in marketing in a generation. People are so inundated with traditional advertising that we’ve conditioned ourselves to turn a blind eye. Sales material and advertisements will always have their place, but today’s consumers and commercial buyers need to be engaged, be nurtured and learn to trust who they buy from.

Content marketing works hand in hand with Social Media and e-mail marketing. With high quality content that your audience finds valuable, you can maintain a long term relationship with potential buyers. If they feel they are entertained, informed or educated by visiting your social media profile or opening your email, they will continue to do so. Every time a person engages with your content you will be increasing the value of your brand in that person’s mind

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Make the prospect a more informed buyer with content Robert Simon

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A modern content marketing stack starts at the content creation app, or a so-called “newsroom in the cloud.” Content needs to be distributed through social media and other channels, with analytic tracking. in the end, the content sits on the website or CMS of the producer.

You can find two of the common content marketing tech stacks to the right. You can also see the fully implemented price range that is typical of an implemented system. For the vast majority of small business people, that’s a non starter. So what are we supposed to do? Give up on content marketing because we don’t have a budget we could build a military with?

We didn’t find this choice acceptable. We got to work.


Engaging Home Page Layouts

Posts with Hero Image, Social Amplification and in App Following

Posts with Social Integration, Post Scheduling and Post Meta for SEO Optimization

Curate RSS and Social Media for Posting

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