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Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media marketing is an important piece of  a comprehensive marketing strategy.
Activity on social networking contributes to how search engines rank, which ties directly to how easily your business can be discovered online.

More importantly, social media is… social. It provides a unique opportunity to engage and interact with your customers, prospects and your target market,

Activity on social media is better than not being active, but the appropriate strategy is obvious.

A targeted content strategy that is hyper-focused on providing content that appeals to those you want to attract.

Profile Setup

Establishing your social networking profiles, crafting them as inviting digital destinations to engage with your brand and ensuring brand consistency across all your social presence.

Content Strategy

Working closely with you, we’ll help you decide what networks are most appropriate for your business, what types of content should be posted to attract the desired audience, how often to publish and where that content is going to come from.

Audience Development

Follow, unfollow, like, share, retweet… social networks are not posting repositories. Without engagement, audiences do not grow. We’ll leverage some of the best tools the industry has to offer to grow and retain your followers with real people in an organic way (we never “buy followers”).

Content Development

Depending on your niche, we may not be the best article authors for your business, but content is more than just articles. From graphics, video editing and production and other engaging content, we’ll make sure your social profiles look professional with the content to back it up.

Posting Scheduling

Full posting management of your content at the times it will achieve maximum reach. Posting the appropriate volume on each of the networks you work with.

When we develop your social campaigns we deploy with messaging, lead capture and re-targeting built
into click onto external pages. Check it out…

Social Media Pricing

Let’s Evaluate Your Situation

We are happy to do a complimentary assessment of your business presence and present our team’s ideas on a course of action. We aren’t lawyers, we don’t charge to talk. That process starts with a meeting of the minds type call. This is not a sales call. What you will experience is a genuine interest in your business.

Are You A DIY Type?

We get it. It may not be the right time to bring in outside help and you would like to keep your social media in-house. Take a look at our social media tool that focuses on lead generation alongside all the functions you need to schedule your publishing and interact with your community.

Ready to create content experiences?

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We all know social media marketing is an important part of a complete marketing program but…

Look at all the different options!


Should you engage with as many of those networks as possible?

Absolutely not.

For each business the answer could be different. What is important is that a profile is engaged with its audience and followers. Consistency will be a big part of growing your network.

For the majority of businesses, Facebook and YouTube are almost certainties. Facebook has over one billion users and YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, behind only Google.

What to Publish

 The 80/20 Rule

The first rule of content publishing on social networks is the 80/20 rule. No less than 80% of your content should be to inform, entertain, educate, etc. In other words, no more than 20% of your content should be direct sales material. With a higher percentage of your content engaging in selling, your feed becomes a commercial. No one likes commercials.

Content Curation

Everything shared does not need to be your original content. Sharing content or posting links to content others have published is a large part of a successful strategy. The focus on providing content that the audience you would like to build would find relevant. Our team, being the hoarders we are, are very effective at content curators.


Provide Value

If your reader feels rewarded by opening and reading your content, they will continue to do so. By establishing the credibility of your expertise within the minds of your target buyers your are building a path to trust. Buyers buy from those they like and trust.

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