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We Are a WordPress Shop. Why?

Websites can be categorized into two general categories. Coded or built from scratch sites are built with coding languages like HTML, CSS and others. There are also websites built with content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and others. Sites built with CMS have taken on huge popularity in the last 15 years as they allow people to publish without learning computer science and coding skills. Today, 47% of websites are built with some CMS system.

Across the internet today, some 27% of all websites are powered with WordPress. In comparison to its competitors in the CMS market, WordPress dominates with a 58% market share.

As small business people we are certainly not going to be predisposed to the biggest solution on the market. However, WordPress is an “open-source” product which means it’s code base is available publicly. This has lead to a massive community of independent developers producing add on features for WordPress making it far more dynamic than it’s competitors.

CMS Market Share by Company


Source: w3Techs.com

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