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Practical Solutions for Small Business and Micro-companies

The Owl Program: Build Your Own Site with Premium Resources and Live Help When You Need It

What We Do

  • Install and optimize WordPress
  • Walk you through pointing your domain
  • Set up your databases
  • Create Your Logins
  • Provide help when you need it

What You Do

  • Buy your domain name
    (should be less than $25, ask for help if you need it)
  • Point your domain (we’ll help, super easy)
  • Design Your Site

The Back End

Our optimization package includes Cloudflare, Railgun, Memcached, Turbo cache.

The simple description is that these programs deliver the content that is on your site to visitors from their own servers. This reduces the load on your site, increases delivery time and maintains optimal speed longer during high usage periods.

All data is no SSD (solid state drives) which are much faster than traditional disk drives.

Here is What  You Get With the Owl Package:

+ A Fully Installed and Ready to Design WordPress Hosted Website

+ Starter Themes & Plugins Installed and Ready to Go

+ Acceleration Technology Configured For You

+ Email with your domain name

+ Never touch the “back end”

+ Access to our Slack channel for when you need help

Access to our library of design resources

+ Stock photos

+ stock videos

+ background videos

+ stock graphics

and more


Premium WordPress Resources

Along with the resources we own, we have full, paid membership to two premium theme and plugin developers

These resources give you access to well over 100 premium themes and 100 premium plugins for no extra fees.

See HOW You Will Build Your Pages

Please Note Very Important

This is NOT a “done for you” web design service.  We provided the WordPress installation and help when you need it. The goal is to help you become more familiar with working in WordPress. We have no problem jumping into your site or screen sharing to help you. However, the point here is for you to learn as you go.

$15 per month

Or select a time that works for you and

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Providing practical solutions to small business and micro-business owners

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